Who would not want a blazing fast internet connection? Whether you access the internet to do your job, work with school projects, watch movies and videos, download important files, or simply communicate with distant love ones, good internet speed will make you more productive and can save you a lot of time.

You always have the option to contact your Internet Service Provider and apply for a contract which involves a high bandwidth.

Nevertheless, not all of us can afford such an investment. Is there a way to achieve fast internet without overspending? Of course there is!

I may look like a simple slug but I’ve been using the internet for years and known a few tricks on how to easily boost its speed for free! I know you are pretty excited to know how it is done so here are Easy Methods to Increase your Internet Speed! But First let us see Factors that effects Internet speed.

Factors Effecting Internet Speed

One of the contributing factors that can affect internet speed is what is using the internet connection.

With technology evolving fast and many of us running wireless devices from phones to tablets that use the internet allows the connection to be worked more often from checking email to even making phone calls.

A lot of homes and businesses have digital phone service even, which also uses our internet connection.

Internet speeds can vary. A provider may tell you that your speed is 3 Megabytes, or a cable provider may even tell you that you can get speeds of 8 Megabytes, but that is the speed the internet provider is going to give you.

If you have two computers online streaming movies for example, a third computer downloading a file or streaming a song is going to more likely have problems. The internet speed is reduced by the other computers already streaming a movie.

Another example is similar to what was just mentioned and that is too many people online. Your internet providers have multiple servers and systems to manage internet traffic, but if too many people get online at once, it will slow things down,

Tips to Speedup Internet Connection

1) Use TCP optimizer: 

TCP Optimizer is an “Internet Accelerator” which helps to dramatically boost your Internet speed by optimizing your Windows network / Internet settings allowing for faster throughput, resulting in an increase in speed by as much as 200 percent !

You Can Download TCP Optimizer Here
Using the program is easy.

  • Select the maximum speed from the “connection speed” slider bar
  • Choose your Network Adapter, or check to “Modify All Network Adapters”
  • Choose the “Optimal settings” radio-button near the bottom of the program
  • Click “Apply changes”, the program will give a preview of all changes to be applied to the Windows Registry
  • Click “OK” to actually edit the Registry, and reboot when prompted by the program

2) Remove all temporary Internet Files.

Removing temporary files is an efficient tip to increase internet speed.You have to just follow the simple steps below to remove temporary Files.

Open Run
Type %temp%
There you can find all the files which are to be deleted.You should delete all those.That's it.

3) Perform a Virus Scan:

Certain viruses can slow down your internet connection and make your computing experience horrible. There are thousands or even millions of viruses scattered in the internet today so completely avoiding them is almost impossible.

The best way to deal with computer viruses is setting up a strong protection. This doesn’t mean buying the most expensive and famous antivirus software. Even free ones are good enough as long as you constantly update their virus database.

Kaspersky, AVG and Avast are the Antivirus programs that I personally trust in assuring that my computer is free from all sorts of viruses and malwares.

4) Update your Browser:

Yes,this is a simple and effective tip to increase your Internet speed.I personally use Google chrome and i will show how to update google chrome along with images.

1) Go to wrench Menu and click on "About Google Chrome"

2) Once it opens,then click on Update google Chrome.Since,i have an updated version,i cannot give you an Image

5) Remove unwanted Extensions & Addons:

Extensions are usually add-ons for your browser.These add-ons will slower the internet speed as they take some internet memory to get themselves updated.

For example,if you have an Add-on which gives you notifications about football,then it takes some internet speed and hence decreases your browsing speed and internet speed.

With the removal of extensions,you may not find boost in your internet speed but you can find a significant change.Follow the simple steps below to remove extensions in Google Chrome.

1) Go to wrench menu and click on tools.

2) There you can easily enable or disable any Extension.

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6) Better Network Hardware:

If you tried the all the steps already mentioned yet your internet connection is still as slow as a slug, maybe the problem inhibits in your hardware. Try replacing your internet cable or router. If possible, bypass LAN switches and choose a direct connection.

Poor hardware performance will directly affect your internet connection. Purchase a high-performance router and internet cable. Don’t worry about the investment since it’s just an initial loss. Quality products will last for years while substandard ones offer poor performance and only last for a couple of months or even weeks if used abusively.

Keeping your hardware away from pets, excessive heat, and other factors that can ruin it must also be among your priorities.

7) Avoid/Stop Unwanted Downloads:

Avoid downloading huge files as it can slow down your internet connection. If these files are really important, consider using a download manager that can boost download speed while leaving your internet browsing experience unaffected. I highly suggest Internet Download Manager. It will help you to download your files faster.

Downloading through a torrent is also a great idea especially if the file you want to download is quite famous. Keep in mind that torrent download is only efficient if numerous people are downloading the same file since its structure allows users to help each another.

So these were Some of the Tips and tricks to Increase your Internet Speed, Try it yourself and you will feel the difference.